Have you come across the numerous sites to get smart tips to clean your bathroom? Well, your search ends here. Cleaning your bathroom does not require much time; however, it needs persistence and small effort to get your bathroom cleaned in short time.  Here are just a few tips to clean your sink and toilet


The practical usage of the sink is high as it stores your entire essential item such as toothpaste, spray, hand wash, soap and much more. Bright and clean sink will bring the alluring look to your bathroom. It also invites your guest and let them use your sink without any hassle. There will be dust and light film around the sink. So, use spray or all-purpose bathroom cleaner to get rid of that dust.  Also, it is not recommended to use harsh chemicals and bath bleach.  If the deposit is hard, you can use the abrasive cleaners.


Cleaning bathroom can be difficult when you are running out of time. To be honest, cleaning bathroom does not take much time. It literally takes just 30 minutes. Keep your bathroom clean and smart by following the smart tips. It is important to place a liquid toilet bowl cleaner under the toilet and allow it to clean the lid for few minutes.

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The bowl cleaner will automatically kill the germs and remove the deposits and dust. However, it takes some minutes to get rid of the deposits and kill the microorganism. If you find difficult to clean your toilet, hire a good maid service San Diego to get your toiled cleaned in just 15 minutes.

3.Crub up

If toilet forms a stubborn ring around the lid, cleaning becomes difficult. So, use natural stone that is crumbles and porous. To remove the solid deposit and dust, rust the natural stone thoroughly on the stubborn ring that developed around the toilet. The curved bowl can be used to remove the hidden deposits around the toilet.


Spray is most important for cleaning your bathroom. As there are microorganism, termites, and pest around your bathrooms, it is important that you use perfect antibacterial spray. Make sure that you are using reliable disinfectant spray. You can use a disinfectant spray cleaner and all-purpose bathroom cleaner to clean and spray the lid, tank, bowl exterior and seat. Also, check the label of the disinfectant spray. Some spray requires some amount of wet exposure. Wipe lid and tank with fresh cleaning clothes.  Use the dry cloth for cleaning purpose.