Are you looking for perfect clothes dryer? Let’s help you find the best which suits your budget. There are actually three types of droger available: condensation dryers, drain driers and heat pump dryers. Each pump is unique with its different properties and dry techniques. To get your laundry dry in fastest manner either we require any one of this. The most admired is the heat pump dryer which is nothing different but a condenser dryer that is more economical. This in-built equipment is energy efficient (saves energy) and a coolant. The heat coolant converts gas into liquid form; this hot air flow dries your laundry and saves consumption of extra energy. Today it is the more economical one than the other dryers and hence is bit expensive to purchase.

How does it work?

The heat pump dryer is same as the condenser dryer. Only difference is a standard condenser dryer blows humid air out of the drum whereas the heat pump dryer changes the gas into liquid form with the aid of compressor. As it generates hot air it is blown back into the drum. Hence it recycles the hot air in the drum and is thus a total energy saver.Get benefited with the hot air flow in the dryer that is released during the conversion of gas coolant into liquid form as it is helpful to dry your laundry with that warm air and reduces the use of extra energy. Thus, buying a heat pump dryer is cutting down your energy costs.

Advantages of Heat pump dryer:

  1. It uses half the power consumption than a normal dryer and is capable to dry the laundry much better with higher number of tours in shorter time using heat pump and coolant.
  2. Being an economical oneit is handy and fits perfect into smaller spaces like a room where there is no drainage.
  3. If you are paying a large amount while purchasing a dryer then it will be recouped with regular utilization, that means you are saving money in long term.
  4. The one who doesn’t have drainage option, they can connect this heat pump dryer to their condensation drain hose.

What are the important things you should keep in mind before purchasing a clothes dryer?

Always check the below mentioned features before buying clothesdryer for your home:

  • Check whether it is energy efficient or not.
  • Monitor its average water consumption usage of annual energy.
  • Note how much weight it can bear.
  • What kind of programs does it offer?
  • Is it semi automatic or fully automatic?
  • Is it equipped with moisture sensor?
  • Is it powered with anti-crease function?
  • How convenient it is while operating?
  • Check whether it is having indication end program/remaining time.
  • Check if it states indication for emptying the water reservoir.
  • Check if it is having indication control filters.
  • Check if it has adjustable start time.
  • Runs smoothly or makes noise.


It is highly beneficial to go for an economical heat pump dryer than an ordinary one. Based on the above information find a droger that saves your energy consumption, quick dries your laundry and is handy to fit in any corner of your room. Never check the cost of your goods instead see what you receive over the years from them.