Are you planning to buy a new fridge? Well let me tell you something, it is not the biggest fridge, or the best-designed fridge will give you the satisfaction you need. In the end, it is the fridge that provides everything you need is the one that suits you.

So what type do you want for your home? There are different types of refrigerators that has its own unique functions and design as well as sizes and if you are having difficult time in choosing which one best fits your house, we have prepared a quick guide for you to help you out in this dilemma.

Some of us do not just consider freezing and chilling our food and drinks inside a fridge, some of us wants something more but often times, people mistakenly bought a type of fridge that does not meet their needs or sometimes it’s just too big and too impractical for their household use that is why it is important for you to learn the different types of refrigerators, its functions as well as its pros and cons.

There are three types of refrigerators for household use; the top mount freezer, bottom mount freezer and the French door fridge which has its own distinct functions and features depending on someone’s taste and needs.

The Top mount fridge is the most common design you can find in the market. Its freezer is located at the top of the fridge while the refrigerator is at the lower part. Its size comes in at 30-36 inches wide and some of it is as tall as five-feet while it can store up to 30-cubic feet.


This is the most common type or design among the three types of refrigerators for household uses which means it is cheaper than the two other types and it is also a space saver. It can also store enough food items and a lot of its new models nowadays has its own built in water dispenser and ice cube maker.


The downside of this type of refrigerator is its vegetable and fruits crisper and chiller because it is located at the bottom part of it and if you are suffering from lower back pain or having problems bending down, then this fridge does not fit your need. Also, a lot of these fridge in the market comes in a relatively smaller size which fits only a maximum of 30-cubic feet.

BOTTOM MOUNT FREEZER- This one has the refrigerator located at the top of the entire unit while the freezer is at the bottom. We all know that we frequently open the fridge rather than the freezer. For people suffering from back pain, this should be the most ideal fridge for them because they don’t have to bend down to open the fridge unless they want to get something out of the freezer. Bottom mount freezers have a larger capacity compared to the top mount freezers, it can store up to 36-cubic feet while it comes with a wider size of up to 35 to 40-inch.

PROS- Like what I mentioned above, this type of fridge helps people with back pains because they are no longer required to bend down to get something out of it. It also comes in bigger sizes available in the market. If you are running a food business, this is quite ideal because of its capacity and ability to store more food items compared to the top mount freezer.

CONS- Since it comes in a bigger size, expect that your electric bill will increase once you start using this. Also, if you want something out of the freezer, you should bend down to get, and this could be a hassle for people suffering from back pains.

FRENCH DOOR- A lot of people choose this type of fridge because of its commonly elegant design, huge space and other features like water dispenser, and ice cube maker and it can also blend in with your kitchen cabinets and interior design since it has two separate doors that can be painted or designed to blend in with your kitchen design. It has enough space to store up 40 to 50-cubic feet of the food item and it also comes with extra spaces for other items that you are planning to store inside.

PROS-This is very ideal for big families that have five or more members. This is also ideal for people whose business involves food because of its large storage capacity. It is usually well designed and for sure will add more colour and attraction to your kitchen.

CONS- Since most of this comes in big sizes, the space could be a problem if you have a small kitchen. Like what I mentioned above, the bigger the fridge, the bigger it will consume electricity so expect a bigger electric bill when you’re starting to use it.

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