Home renovation is always exciting for every member of the family. However, anyone who had already gone through the renovate plans will tell that it can become a real challenge. One of the challenges that you have to face is storing all your precious furniture pieces while the renovation is currently ongoing. Dust, debris, and any other particles can get into the furniture, thus making these pieces a casualty during the renovation process.

Often, the owners find their furniture scratched and look old and dingy after renovating. No one wants this though, so here are some great ideas for furniture storage while renovating your home.

Do you really need to store?

The truth is, there are only a few choices when it comes to storing furniture while renovating. First, you may store the furniture in another room. When the construction is conducted in other rooms, you may store the furniture in unaffected areas for a while. You also have to cover the furniture with drop clothes to protect it from getting dusty. You should not store the furniture in the same room with that of the other appliances, especially electrical appliances.

Store your furniture in another place

Second, you may store the furniture in another house. If you have a spare house in a nearby location, then you may simply transport and store the furniture in it. You just have to make sure that the furniture pieces are neatly positioned in one area in that house. You should also pack the sets of furniture properly to avoid any damage while being transported.

Store in storage units

Third, you may choose to store the furniture pieces in storage units that can be placed on your property or in a warehouse or storage facility. While you might have to pay for storing the furniture in a storage unit(s) or have it stored in a storage facility, you will be ensured that all the furniture is safe until the pieces are delivered back to your home.

Use mobile storage units

If putting your furniture in storage facilities is not your idea of furniture storage, then you may opt for mobile storage units that come in various sizes and specifications. Mobile storage units are a great option if you still want to use small pieces of furniture from time to time and store them again if need be. Other than that, a mobile storage unit is also a safe method since the unit will be placed right outside your house that is being renovated. This guarantees your furniture will be secured clean and safe.