Surrey is home to one of the best housing markets outside of London. Selling prices have remained strong despite falling elsewhere in the country, providing exciting opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors.

A loft conversion is one of the many ways to add value to a property, so homeowners in Surrey looking to make a shrewd investment in their property should certainly consider getting a loft conversion.

However, like any home renovations, it’s important to find a reliable building company that can complete a loft conversion to a high standard to ensure maximum return for your investment. Check out these tips for getting a loft conversion in Surrey:

Personal Recommendations

With Surrey being nearby to London there are many great loft conversion businesses available, any of which may be ideal for your project, making it difficult to know which one to choose!

So, if you happen to know a friend, relative, co-worker, or neighbour that has recently had a loft conversion be sure to ask for a recommendation – you usually get an honest opinion from someone you know!

Check Portfolios

Any loft conversion company worth their weight should have a portfolio of all their previous work, so ask to see this from any that you are considering hiring. Better still, the company may have a loft conversion in their portfolio that is like the conversion you want in your home, which will show how good the finished work will look.

The best loft conversion companies should be more than happy to take you through their portfolio of previous work to show different concepts they’ve developed, providing personal recommendations on your loft space based on previous work they’ve completed.

Ask for references

If you find a company to do your loft conversion in Surrey always ask for references from previous clients before signing them on for the project. This gives a good idea of their quality of work and professionalism, especially if the loft conversion is similar to what you want.

Do they offer a guarantee of work?

Only hire a contractor for a loft conversion that offers a guarantee of work. This is always recommended for any type of renovation work done to a home, basically giving you coverage for a set amount of time should any damages or issues arise due to the quality of work.

The main reason to seek out a guarantee of work is that it helps to avoid poor workmanship, offering a degree of protection for your investment, which is well worth doing considering the high cost of a loft conversion.

Planning assistance

A loft conversion isn’t easy, so you want to find a contractor that offers expert knowledge to help plan out the project. For instance, the overall space and size of the loft determine the suitability of different types of conversions, and a good contractor should be able to clearly explain what will and will not work in your loft.