If you are willing to purchase the wall mounted folding table, then it makes your living room pretty good. Such types of the tables are really the best choice because they are unique and modest at all. Here some of the best models of the wall mounted folding tables listed for your suggestions.

Southern Enterprises:

This kind of the wall mounted folding tablet actually features 3 bill organizers, 2 fixed shelves, 2 adjustable shelves and 1 corkboard. It is the transitional style folding tablet with the walnut finish to be mounted on your wall. The overall dimension when it is open is 22 inches W x 36 inches D x 58 inches H. If it is mounted on the wall and closed, it will have a dimension of 22 inches W x 6 inches D x 58 inches H. When it is unit only, this folding style wall mounted table will have the dimension of 22 inches W x 6 inches D x 32 inches H. Some other most considerable dimensions of this table include,

  • Top shelf – 20 inches W x 4 inches D x 9 inches H
  • Side shelves – 6 inches W x 4 inches D
  • Writing surface 30 inches W x 20 inches D x 28.75 inches H
  • Drill hole height – 57.5 inches H

The materials used for the manufacturing of this folding table will be birch veneer and MDF which support up to 20 lb desktop and approximate weight up to 46 lb. It has the too convenient wall mount design.


This type of the wall mounted style folding table includes the pace saving, beautiful and also creative design. You can mount this hardware in a very easier manner but with the help of the professional. The users can fold it in the flat manner to save your space when it is not in use. This folding table has the dimensions of 16 inch depth, 24 inch width and 0.6 inch thickness. This table is made up of the solid wood material in order to give the unique and impressive look and it is only in the natural wooden color. You can put the maximum load up to 44 pounds to use on this folding table.


Depending on the height of the bar chair’s seat, you can mount this folding table in the height from 37 3/8 inches or 41 ¾ inches. The top edge of this table top will reach the height of ca about 29 1/8 when you are mounting this table on the wall. If you would like to wipe it out, it is better using the damp cloth along with the mild cleaner to clean this folding table. For more details, you can visit http://greatforhome.com/best-wall-mounted-folding-table-ever-created/ online.