The homeowners of today are now planning to transform the house and construct granny flats that resemble miniature houses. These flats are built on the property and they have been in increasing demand. These flats are like a secondary dwelling on a property. They can be either attached to the main house or the garage. The granny flats can also be completely a separate structure. The homeowners find that they are cheaper to create a new building as the new structure will not at all interfere with the main structure of the house. Hence the granny flat builders are gaining popularity in the recent years.

Where Are They Built?

The granny flat builders construct small flats compared to the primary home. The designs are of different types like many have three bedrooms with a kitchen and living space. It can also be just one large space that is used as a home office or a hobby space. Right from using the granny flats as an extra space when guests come to your house, or when you want to extend a certain portion of your existing home for your aged parents, granny flats can be the best solution. The granny flats are usually built in residentially zoned properties, but it is always better to check out for the restrictions that the council may have. This may prevent you from constructing on some particular block.

What Are the Pros of Constructing Granny Flats?

  • The granny flat builders are in great demand because these flats have proved to be quite beneficial. The extra income that you can earn is the biggest benefit of granny flats. You can earn an extra income by renting them out and pay down the mortgage faster.
  • The concept of building granny flats is like a second source of income. If you have one investment and that is vacant then you will have no money at the end of the week. The granny flats can be therefore rented and there is no need to keep both the properties vacant.
  • The construction of granny flats increases the value of the original property. The granny flat builders hence plan and design beautifully so that it becomes easy to rent the flat. If you maintain the granny flats quite well, they will also give you the ultimate resale value for your home in future.
  • The construction of granny flats will give you extra claimable on tax depreciation schedule. If you build a new one then it will be easy for you to claim a good amount of paper losses. This will save you from paying the tax every year.
  • The intention of granny flat builders is to help the family remain united. These flats will keep you close to your young ones which are important during the old years. It also gives total independence to both the young and the old.

It is nowadays easier for granny flat builders to construct these flats as the councils are allowing these structures to be built. Hence they are promoting this as good investment and can be constructed on the back of the suburban homes. This is considered as second dwelling and is in great rise across the whole world. The builders are happy as it aims to boost housing affordability. It is seen that these granny flats are beneficial in many ways so the homeowners are ready to construct and rent it to anyone in order to earn extra income. Now with lots of construction projects, the granny flats come in prefabricated varieties and they can be customized according to the space required, and the amount of family budget.