Everyone wants to be a superhero; some want the powers of Superman, some Spiderman, some ant man and what not. But what all of them don’t know that with great power comes great responsibility and nobody wants to take responsibility and bear the consequences of their actions. But there is one superpower that everybody has but we do not want to realize it and that is the power to grow something. The human mind is enough of a power in itself that it has the capability to understand the complexities of nature and to use it to their benefit. In this, the power of growing something takes a high seat at the table.

If you also want to exploit your super skills of growing something in your backyard, then you must check the Patiomate.co.uk guide to grow vegetables in your backyard. You can grow a number of vegetables and fruits in your backyard according to the climatic conditions of your region. The list below has some examples and contains the details of their growth conditions and methods.

What Can I Grow In My Garden

  1. Potatoes: the most common staple food of every meal, potatoes can be grown easily in your backyard. It grows underground and the upper needs sunlight for 8 hours a day and you have to take care of the lower part does not receive any sunlight. The soil of potatoes should be moist, but the water should not stagnate, meaning that the soil should have good drainage. To grow potatoes the temperature should be 7 to 13 degree Celsius and you can enjoy homegrown potatoes within 3 months.
  2. Tomatoes: tomatoes are the best option to start your gardening exercises. They are versatile plants and can grow in any season. To grow the sun has to shine upon them for a full 8 hours in a day. And the temperature which is best suited for them is around 18 to 30 degree Celsius. Keep the soil wet and you will have fresh red tomatoes in 2.5 months.
  3. Beans (Green): if you think that your soil composition is not so strong and the nutrient levels are low, go green beans. Their sunlight thirst is the minimum of potatoes and tomatoes that is 8 hours. The time taken by beans to grow is 2 months and the soil should be well drained in structure and should little amount of acids in it that is acidic soil.
  4. Pepper: the peppers need moist soil but there should be no standing water, it should also have some amount of Sulphur. If grown with care you can have homegrown fresh bell pepper within 3 months of germination.

The art of home gardening is not new but it is less explored due to the amount of work that it requires and the care these plants need. To know more about gardening you can look at the guide available at Patiomate.co.uk.