There’s more to a slogan that simply says sell my house for cash, and expect to catch attention right away. But in today’s world, traditional marketing may not be very effective as it was decades back.

The business of real estate is a very promising and lucrative one, and yet risky if you don’t know what you are doing. Since it is a high-value asset, real estate properties do not come cheap. In fact, a single deal can cost upwards from tens of thousands up to millions of dollars alone.

So, having the right mindset and determination is really important and here are some practical tips to help you out if you decide to get into the business.

Take advantage of social media and mobile marketing

Digital marketing would be a powerful tool to use for your marketing strategy since it comprises more than 80% of the population own a mobile device that they use for connecting to the internet.

According to a report by consumer research group eMarketer, mobile device marketing will account for 72% of ad spending by 2019.

Globally, there are 3.03 billion active users on social media who access their accounts regularly. The beauty about technology today is that it has provided mankind with the resources to reach out to more people and have the data to provide intelligence in the market.

Market with good and compelling content

According to digital researcher Demand Metric, it is more practical to invest in content marketing rather than traditional marketing, which can cost less than 62% and has been found to generate three times more leads in the process.

Customers have high regard for marketers that are reputable and reliable, which gets reflected in the brands they represent. A recent study revealed that content marketing is one of the top tactics in the market today with 83% dedicated to social media, 80% in blogs and 77% in email newsletters.

Win your customers and build a bigger network

During the last decade, customer behavior has changed the marketing landscape and it is called customer experience. Customers have become more demanding and their spending habits are now governed by how they recognize credibility and reputation.

Reach out to your contacts and spend a little more time building relationships, this will win you more leads and build you a bigger network. By now, you know why it needs more than we buy houses Norfolk to get you the most customers.