We are now firmly into 2019 and with many homeowners having already opted to freshen up their kitchens, we have already started to see how the trends for the year are shaping up. There are some really interesting style choices and design features that are regularly being integrated into new kitchens up and down the country and we’re here to talk you through some of them.

Among the many kitchen design trends currently in motion includes the following:

Note: Info courtesy of Kitchen Design Victoria.

Innovative Concealed Storage

One of the biggest trends to look forward to in 2019 is that of a focus on clean, concealed storage that has been integrated into kitchen designs. These clever storage solutions will be difficult to even detect but will allow you to enjoy some amply storage that does not take anything away from the aesthetic nature of your kitchen.

Pewter and Gunmetal Finishing

Two finishes for taps and handles that are trending in 2019 is pewter and gunmetal. These can really add some much-needed texture and depth to most kitchen fixtures. Rustic décor, in particular, will benefit the most from using pewter and gunmetal.

Open Shelving

Another trend that has been seen often this year so far is the use of open shelving in place of closed kitchen cabinets. These shelves are usually made of wood, metal or glass and they really do look great if what’s being stored has been displayed in an attractive manner. Sure, these do not conform with minimalism but many people are moving away from that these days anyway.

Vintage Designs Still Trending

Vintage styles have long been a trend over the past few years and they’re still going strong. These styles usually merge both traditional and modern elements and when done right, the results can be breathtaking.

Raw Materials

Complimenting the use of vintage designs will this year also see an increase in raw materials being seen more often in kitchen designs. Wood, stone and jute are just some of the raw materials that will be given a license to shin in their own right.

Integrated Appliances

As well as keeping things traditional, some people are opting to go for a seamless look that hides the appliances that are usually poking out all over the place. In some kitchen designs, it can be difficult to even know where the oven, sink, and other kitchen features actually are.

Those are just some of the design trends that we have been witnessing a lot in the past few months but there are plenty more that have been showing their popularity. Leather pull handles for drawers and cabinets, high backsplashes and pendant light fixtures are just some of the other trends right now that are featuring in new kitchens up and down the country.

If you’re looking to get yourself a new kitchen this year, you would not be wrong to follow some of these trends to find something that is functional, aesthetically appealing and will instantly become the talking point when friends and family enter your home.