If your property has spare garden space that you are not sure what to do with, then one of the best ways to make use of this area is to assess whether or not you can add an extension. By doing this you will be adding space to the inside of your property and with a big enough garden, you can add whole new sections to your house. Of course, if you are going to do this, you will need to hire the services of an architect company.

What To Beware Of When Building An Extension

When you do decide to build an extension you need to be aware that the amount added to the value of your house will vary. If you already have a small garden, then making it smaller may work against you. Some people prefer more outdoor space than indoor space.

In colder climates, this may not be a problem because the garden will rarely be used but in hotter climates obviously, the garden will be in use far more. This is where hiring an expert architectural company becomes extremely important. The architect or architects in questions will be able to advise you on whether your planned investment is going to add value to your property.

In some cases, it is not the additional value that is the aim of an extension. It could be just that you have lived in the home for so long with no plans of moving and you need extra indoors space.

How Can An Architect Help You?

Depending on which country you live in, there are several additional ways in which an architect can help you when designing your property. In some states of the USA and in many countries in Europe you will need planning permission.

In order to have that planning permission approved you will need an architect to walk you through the steps, you need to take to meet all the legal requirements for an extension to be approved.

Building an extension that will block neighbors sunlight or darken a room in their house could mean that neighbors will object to your plans. Also, if your extension comes too close to other buildings, then this could be a potential fire risk in the eyes of any council or government department in charge of approving planning permission for your property.

Plumbing plans and electrical planning is also going to be part of the extension. In fact, it is these areas that can be overlooked when planning the cost of an extension according to MP Architects LLP.

If you are going to build an extension, then you will need the original plans for the house to see exactly where the current plumbing system is running. This will also help if you plan to make the new extension a kitchen as this is one of the most popular areas of a house to be extended.

Last, an architect will be able to help you understand any additional costs for sky windows, potential to extend further in the future, as well as where additional structural support will be needed. All this work and effort will help you come up with a final plan, which will then be translated into the final cost.